How To Develop Your Contents For Seo Ranking:

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If you are not good at English but you want to write a blog in English, you need to follow a few guidelines and take advantage of using a few websites to develop your content writing skills. Three essential ways to improve your content writing for SEO ranking.


Website Link:
01. Blog topic generatorhttps://www.hubspot.com/blog-topic-generator
02. Hemingway App makes your writing bold and clear.http://www.hemingwayapp.com/

Blog Topic Generator will help you to find out the trending topics based on the topics of your content. An SEO friendly content is very important for creating any content on your blog or website. And so if you can pick a trending topic at the beginning, it is very likely to rank in search engines.

In the beginning, heming way app will help you check the readability of your content. Here is a great overview of your content that you can easily see how much your content has been readable by others. Then you can check the word of your content how many words have been used in your content. You can also easily check your content Adverbs, Passive voice, Phrase, Sentence readability hardness, etc very easily.

Grammarly why for everyone? Grammarly is a tool that can solve even the smallest mistakes of your content. With the free package, you can do everything from spell checks to simple tasks. But if you are a highly professional content creator then you can try their premium package. Because Grammarly’s premium package has all the advanced features that will help you create high-quality content without any English proficiency.

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